Lotus Chakra Course

October 1, 2018 - 7:30 pm


Welcome to the chakra course and what will hopefully be a life enhancing 10 weeks of self-realisation and understanding.

During this Chakra Course we will be visiting each of the chakras in turn, learning about what they do, using chant, mudra, meditation and personal assignments to delve into the mysteries of what created, influenced and finally produced the person who you are today.

This is a very personal journey, it is a journey of personal healing and self- realisation, some aspects you will find challenging, some will just be confirmation of the work you have already achieved but however these things come to you, please just keep going!

Each week you will invited to do a personal assignment and asked to feedback on it each week. Your choice to do the assignment is of course your own, but those who complete the assignments have a richer and deeper experience of the course.

The energy exchange for this course is £100.00 per person

(This cant be paid weekly)

Please contact Jane to book your place

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.